Oden Corporation: Liquid product packaging lines

See it at PACK EXPO Booth #N-4321! Oden’s new platform for complete turnkey liquid products packaging lines is a value-added option that can include labeling systems, induction sealers, and capping solutions, in addition to filling machines, liquid product transfer systems, and rotary infeed and accumulation tables.

Pw 43542 Oden Turnkey Filling Line

This new product platform is provided for customers who prefer to single source their liquid product packaging lines and avoid the complications of integration. Oden designs and integrates packaging lines to meet each customer’s requirements and objectives, and coordinates the installation of machinery at the customer's facility. The turnkey line operation is set-up at Oden's facility so customer’s may see the platform in action.

This value-added option helps companies maximize asset utilization and avoid critical integration issues faced when the process is attempted at the plant level.

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