ESS Technologies: Cost-effective filler/capper

ESS Technologies' new MB 60M Monoblock Filler/Capper machine incorporates mechanical mechanisms for the drive, filling, and capping mechanisms to provide a very cost-effective, high-quality solution for filling and capping liquids and creams at up to 60 bottles/min.

Pw 42717 Mb60m Front View

The MB 60M uses cost-effective vibratory feeding systems for vials, bottles, micro-tubes, and more. Containers may be fed via a timing infeed screw or placed directly into the starwheel using an automated feeding system. The mechanical volumetric filling system has a filling accuracy up to +/-0.5%. Other types of filling systems may be specified, including powder fillers. Automatic cap feeding and placement with sensors to verify the presence of all components comes standard.  Balcony design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Allen Bradley PLC and PanelView Plus 600 HMI controls are standard for all models in the MB series as is Category 3 polycarbonate safety guarding. The MB 60M may be upgraded to servo drive, filling, and torque systems if desired. Options for the MB 60M include a variety of filling pumps, net weigh filling, XP controls for flammable liquids, soft reject systems, integrated nitrogen purge systems, and integrated labelers or coders.


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