Gralex: Unwind stands for intermittent feed systems

The GRALEX SRS Stationary Series Unwind Stands for use with paper, paperboard, plastic film, foil, and other roll material allow one person roll changes, require no tools for changeovers, provide automatic self-adjusting friction brakes, handle unwind speeds up to 100 fpm, and include fork lift slots for easy moving.

Pw 40365 Stand With Roll Operator

The automatic self-adjusting friction brake prevents roll runaway without any manual input, so these roll stands work very well for intermittent feed systems.  As the roll becomes smaller, the reduced weight automatically decreases the frictional force, which holds back the roll.  Less braking force is required because the momentum of the roll is less.  Stands are designed with light-weight shaft and core chuck assembly and are adjustable to different widths of material by using no tools to pull out the locking ring and moving the core chucks on the shaft by hand.  Then, simply push the ring back in, to lock core chuck in place.  The Model SRS handles rolls from 18- to 39-in. wide up to 72-in. in diameter and roll weights from 3,500 lbs. (for 18-in. wide rolls) and 7,600 lbs. (for 39-in. wide rolls).


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