Premier Tech Chronos: Hygienic robotic bagging system

A combination of a bag holding device, FANUC food-grade robot(s), and a bottom-up filling system, Premier Tech Chronos’ BFW Series Open-Mouth Bagger with Bottom-Up Filler bags powdery materials such as milk powders and by-products, bakery mixes, flour, soy protein, starch, spices, sugar, chemicals, dehydrated ingredients, etc.

Pw 38505 Bfw Premier Tech Chronos

The hygienic bagging system provides high-accuracy weighing (up to +/- 15 g). Produces air-tight bags for long-term storage. Equipped with a large bag magazine providing long production runs, very few modules, great floor clearance and a minimum of anchor points. The BFW Series provides both versatility and speed, handling paper, polyethylene, laminated polywoven and Cap-Sac (a bag within a bag) bags at up to 8 bags/min.  Complete control on side-gusseted pinch top bags (PBOM) is achieved; no gusset re-alignment device is required.


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