Fowler Products Co.: Waterfall-style cap sorter

Designed for production lines running 100-300 bottles/min., Fowler Products’ WSI 300 compact waterfall style cap sorter is suitable for lines where frequent changes in cap sizes are made; the capping area has a low ceiling; and/or dust must be kept to a minimum.

Pw 15623 Webfowler
The WSI 300 has an 8 cu. ft. cap bin, which sits flush to the capping machine for minimum footprint. The sorter’s lower height is useful in low-ceiling environments. The belt width is reduced compared to high-speed sorters.  Easy to load and monitor filling intervals because cap bins are loaded at floor level.  Loading a bin at floor level also keeps dust from corrugated shipping cases below the level of the capping operation and helps to maintain a cleaner environment where the closure meets the bottle, jar, or jug. Handles a wide range of cap diameters and styles on a single set of cleats.
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