Sidel Inc: Rotary modular labeler

Sidel’s SL 90 rotary modular labeler is equipped with modules for applying pressure-sensitive self-adhesive labels or cold-glue labels without mechanical gears and transmissions.

Pw 2537 Websidel3
The SL 90, which will also be available with other modules (e.g. a roll-fed module), labels both round and irregularly shaped packages, with fast changeover times and great freedom in layout design.  Can label up to 60,000 bph (both self-adhesive and cold-glue labels). Machine access and cleaning is fast and simple.  Pneumatically-assisted guards can open independently.  Hygienic design. Application of the label to the container can be adjusted electronically, while a vision system with several cameras orientates bottles, guaranteeing the correct positioning of the labels.
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