ESS Technologies: Monoblock filler/capper

ESS Technologies, Inc.’s next-generation monoblock filler/capper design features servo driven cap placement and torque systems.

Able to operate at speeds up to 120 bottles per minute, the unique design allows caps to be handled with precision to reduce the risk of dropped or skewed caps. A two-stage torque system first uses a unique “donut” clamp to place the cap with complete accuracy and applies the first level of torque to secure the cap. The container indexes to the second stage where the final torque is applied to the exact specification. The use of servos enables the system to apply a precise amount of torque to the cap. This allows packagers and laboratories to achieve the required seal without making it difficult for the consumer to remove the cap, an important criteria for both product quality and consumer assurance of product safety. The ESS-designed stainless steel servo torque system provides accurate torque in even the most exacting applications. The capping system can be ordered with a feedback loop and charting capabilities to allow for graphing trends and precise control on-the-fly. The system can be used to cap pharmaceutical and cosmetics bottles in a wide range of sizes as well as micro-vials, and micro-tubes.
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