Weighpack Systems Inc: Rotary star wheel filler

WeighPack’s SpinDexer, a servo-driven rotary star wheel indexing machine for high-speed filling of rigid containers including plastic, glass, and fiber, easily interfaces with weighing machines, auger powder fillers, volumetric or piston filling, or a combination of several fillers.

Pw 3375 Webweighpack
Multi-station filling is achieved for separate multi-ingredient packaging applications. Handles a broad range of containers, from small pharmaceuticals to 2.5 pound jugs. Available in various diameters, from 36- to 60-in. with 4 to 30 funnel stations. Can run at speeds up to 120 containers/min. Stainless-steel traveling funnels follow the container to allow for gradual product transfer into the container. Solutions have been developed to unclog hard to fill products in small neck openings.
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