AutomationDirect: Soft motor starters

AutomationDirect’s Stellar™ soft starters are a low-cost motor control alternative that, when used instead of a line starter, provide smooth control resulting in less torque, less shock, and less electrical and mechanical stress.

Pw 4642 Stellar Soft
The SR22 series, available in 5A to 40A sizes, are overcurrent protected and feature two DIN-rail mountable frame sizes (45mm and 55mm). Starters have an operating voltage range of 208 to 460 VAC. Easily configurable, each unit is equipped with three potentiometers allowing adjustable start and stop times of up to 30 seconds and an adjustable start pedestal voltage ranging from 30 to 100%. A separate 24VDC control voltage is required.  Soft starters use thyristors for controlled reduced voltage motor starting and stopping, and then switch to internal contacts for efficient running at rated speed.
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