MARQ Packaging: Case erector bottom sealer

MARQ’s HPE-NS Tablock Case Erector Bottom Sealer processes up to 20 cases/minute.

Pw 5283 Webmarq
The HPE-NS automatically folds top tabbed flaps back against the body of the tablock case prior to erecting.  The case then moves forward to be opened with top and bottom vacuum cups, then moves past the flap folders and into the sealing section where the bottom flaps are sealed with either hotmelt glue or pressure-sensitive tape. The case is then discharged in a horizontal position and an optional case turner uprights the case. Runs both RSC and RSC Tablock cases. Available in standard, medium and large frames and left-hand or right-hand machine controls. Constructed of heavy-duty steel with a sleek powder-coated finish. Comes standard with polycarbonate guarding. Custom guarding packages are available.
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