Omron Electronics LLC: H/F/F/S machine

WeighPack’s first h/f/f/s machine, the Swifty R2B, integrates bag making, filling, sealing, and printing in one automatic process.

Pw 5608 E Weigh Pack
Eliminating the need to purchase premade bags, the Swifty R2B uses laminated roll stock film to create a variety of different pouch styles, including flat-bottom, stand-up, three-sided seal, and four-sided seal bags with or without zipper closures. Designed to handle bag sizes ranging from 3 to 8 in. wide and 4 to 11 in. long, the R2B runs at speeds to 120 bags/min. Easily interfaced with any type of filling equipment, the Swifty R2B h/f/f/s bagger bags snack foods, hardware, coffee, produce, pharmaceuticals, and much more. Standard features include stainless-steel construction, Schneider PLC controls and servomotor, and Omron temperature controller. Options include code dating, zipping device, film perforator, and a notcher for easy tear-off.
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