Q.C. Industries, llc: High-performance conveyors

QC Industries’ AS40 (shown) and AS65 low-profile belt conveyors offer high speeds with a single-piece extruded aluminum frame.

Pw 5727 E Qc Industries
The pivot™ rotatable-drive technology on the AS40 end-drive conveyors allows the drive to be quickly rotated in the field to almost any position to meet changing application requirements and avoid conflicts with other machinery. The AS65 center-drive conveyors feature a below-belt drive that can be positioned at any point along the length of the conveyor, allowing a better fit with integrated machinery. Conveyors are designed to handle high speeds up to 400 ft/min and can handle loads up to 120 lb. Available in widths from 2 to 24 in. and lengths from 18 in. to 13 ft for single-piece frames and 14 to 25 ft for multipiece frames. Conveyors’ modular design allows them to be easily extended or shortened as application requirements change.
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