Dynamic Conveyor Corporation: Modular powered roller conveyors

Dynamic Conveyor's Modular Powered Roller Conveyors use one motorized roller per module.

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Motorized rollers are energized and put into motion only when required, saving energy when not being activated. In order to maximize flexibility in configuration, modules are available in 5, 7, 9 and 11 roller sections. Modules of various lengths can be interchanged to create the right conveyor length for each application, and modules can be added or removed as needs change. Optional zero pressure accumulation, indexing or standard conveyance is available. Other features include: low maintenance DC brushless motors; variable speeds from 0 to 200 feet/minute; conveys boxes, totes, parts or containers weighing 0 to 100 lbs.; rollers on 4-in. centers; available in widths of 18-in., 24-in., 30-in. and 36-in.
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