Mettler Toledo, Inc: Weigher

With its minimum sample size and simple sample transfer procedure directly to a large tare container, the XP56 Microbalance, from Mettler Toledo, considerably reduces the use of expensive control substances.

Pw 5998 Webmettler
The XP56 has a weighing capacity of up to 52 g with a readability of 1μg. With ErgoClips for pistons and the MinWeigh door--a special draft shield door for very small samples--samples can be dispensed directly into larger tare containers, such as volumetric flasks. This eliminates transfer errors and contributes to fast sample preparation. In addition, the weighing performance of the XP56 makes it possible to weigh samples in the 2–8 mg range, while also fulfilling the minimum weight criteria according to the USP (United States Pharmacopeia
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