Lantech Inc: Stretch-wrapping unwieldy loads

The newest models of Lantech’s Lan-ringer® system provide good flexibility and protection for packaging heavy, unstable loads or loads that need protection from dust or the elements, even when they won’t fit on a turntable stretch wrapper.

Pw 6330 X Lantech

Suitable for wrapping items such as windows, doors, printed materials, ladders, beams, PVC pipe, etc., these 4 new models can handle loads as heavy as 4,000 lb and as wide as 82 in. diagonal, while providing “tailored” wraps on narrow or wide pallets. The overwrap machine is designed to wrap product that is moved through the production process on a conveyor. Depending on the model, film delivery system is mounted to a 40-, 60-, 70-, or 90-in. ring through which the product is passed, and Lantech’s patented Power-Thru® conveyor permits wrapping of the product and conveyor simultaneously. Conveyor supports the product through the wrap zone, allowing the stretch film to be applied with proper containment force. Stabilizers support the sides of product and guide it through the wrap zone during the wrapping process. The machine’s Power Roller-Stretch® film delivery system can use 20- or 30-in. film rolls.

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