Lock Inspection Systems: Metal detectors

Lock Inspection Systems’ MET30+ Universal range of metal detectors provide accurate, reliable detection of real life metallic contaminants. SEE THEM AT PACK EXPO—Booth # S-1366!

Pw 6458 Weblock
Utilizing Lock’s single high frequency, crystal-controlled oscillator, the MET30+ Universal hf offers up to 40% higher sensitivity than standard detectors. Lock’s exclusive digital filtering software allows the unit to inspect a wide variety of food products at a frequency of 875Khz – four times higher than standard food industry detectors. The sophisticated software of the MET30+ Universal hf also eliminates the need to reconfigure the settings for each product, therefore reducing downtime while increasing efficiency and operating speeds. The MET30+ also features user-friendly auto-learn and automatic product tracking, networking capability with Datachek software and 32 bit processing, and a standard 12 language menu.

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