Dorner Mfg. Corp.: Vertical conveyor

Dorner’s AquaPruf LPZ Series Platform provides a high level of sanitation with virtually no spillage of product on incline or decline applications.

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The sprocket-driven LPZ Series can be disassembled for cleaning by one person, without tools, in a matter of minutes. The LPZ Series conveyor platform is designed with one or two fixed angle points that allow the conveyor to accommodate a variety of height and angle requirements. It also uses a positive-driven solid urethane belt for smooth, consistent operation in wet, humid environments. The platform ‘s open-frame design allows easy access to cleaning the frame and both the top and bottom of the belt. The platform comes in three types of configurations: Z-frame, which has two angle points; horizontal-to-incline, a design which has a section of the conveyor up an incline; and nose-over, a design which has a section of the conveyor on a decline. All three configurations come in either plastic chain or belt options.
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