A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp.: Case sealer runs both tape and hot-melt adhesive

The new Model 436 top case sealer from A-B-C is small in size at 10’ long with a stainless-steel frame and welded and bolted construction to tackle demanding case sealing challenges.

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Seal with tape and hot melt adhesive interchangeably on this machine, which is designed for maximum packaging flexibility. Built with independent sealing modules for tape and hot melt adhesive application, this sealer changes from one sealing method to another in minutes: unlatch the sealing module using the quick-turn clamps, remove the existing module, and replace it with the alternate sealing module. If only one sealing method is desired, the case sealer may be furnished for tape or hot melt sealing only. No-tools case size changeover is completed in minutes using hand crank handles.
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