CombiScale Inc: Big bucket combination scale

CombiScale offers its 10-head CS-10 big bucket model large capacity combination scale uniquely designed for larger products with weights of up to 6.5 lb.

Using load-cell technology for consistent performance, machine weighs then chooses the best combination of buckets to achieve a predetermined weight. Accurate within 1 g, combination scale reduces product variations and improves production output with speeds to 75 bags/min. Stainless-steel construction and a tool-less disassembly design allows for quick washdown, a decrease in product build up, contamination, and changeover time. Easily operated with a user-friendly touchscreen control panel, machine integrates with any type of packaging equipment to create a fully-automated packaging system. Features include a vibratory cone, removable pans and buckets, digital control logic, and recipe storage memory.

Phone: 847/806-0606

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