Nalbach Engineering Co.: High speed filling of roast and ground coffee

Nalbach NECOFLO-GC2 Filler for high speed filling of roast and ground coffee into rigid containers. Nalbach’s rotary volumetric ground coffee fillers provide both small and large roasters with a medium or high speed precision filling solution.

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Our “bottom-up” filling technique and tailored vibration systems for product settling virtually eliminate product spillage and dust. A simple design with rugged construction, and quality manufacturing insures both high fill accuracy and reduced maintenance and down-time. The result is lower costs and higher profits.

Fill accuracy

±1/2% for a constant density product.

Standard "push button" motorized servo control

Provides manual fill weight adjustment while the filler is in operation. Automatic weight control Servo/Checkweigher systems are also available..

"Bottom-Up" filling

The combination of Nalbach's patented fill tube and fill tube sleeve creates a telescopic measuring flask that provides dust-free filling and better fill accuracy for most products.


Fillers designed for a certain container size may also be fitted for smaller sizes with change parts.

Near zero maintenance

This ease of maintenance is achieved through simple, yet rugged design and construction.

"No-Container, No-Fill"

This is accomplished by automatically stopping the machine when there is an interruption in the supply of containers. This simple system eliminates a hard-to-clean shut-off mechanism on each filling head. (A "powder filler" cannot be allowed to operate without containers to fill, as this action would result in degradation of the product.)

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