Resina: Pack Expo Video: Capper with automatic changeover

NEWS FROM PACK EXPO LAS VEGAS: Introduced at the show, the new Resina West servo-driven NRC-40-AC capper automates the changeover process.See video clip of this machine

Pw 13868 Resina2 Lg

The menu-prompted changeover allows users to adjust for bottle and cap height and width simply by selecting new preprogrammed settings via the touchscreen HMI. Not only does this halve changeover time to as little as five minutes, changeovers are repeatable and accurate. The new capper handles caps from 18 mm to 70 mm at speeds to 250/min.

Another new feature is automatic torque monitoring in which the quills--or spindles--compensate automatically to account for rubber wear to maintain consistent torque. Before, this adjustment had to be done manually.

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