Johnsen Machine: Automatic wicketted bagger

The automatic wicketted bagger line from Johnsen Machine Co. (Burlington, Ontario, Canada) is designed to bag and seal free-flowing products of different sizes and types into LDPE bags in thicknesses from 1 to 6 mils and sizes from 6” to 18” W.

Pw 16305 Jmc

Models WBS 0612, WBS 0815, and WBS 0918 permit tool-free, fast changeover of bag size and type (zipper lock, bag handle, coextruded barrier film bag).

With speeds to 20 bags/min, bagger will open the bag to receive product from a scale or volumetric feeder and then discharge the filled and sealed bag on to a conveyor. Other features include a temperature- and speed-controlled seal head with pneumatic scrap removal and bag-top trimmer, stainless-steel product contact surfaces, take-away conveyor with adjustable discharge height and an adjustable feed hopper.

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