Parsons-Eagle Packaging Systems: Linear scale

The Parsons-Eagle Duplex E Series Linear Scale is a reliable, heavy-duty scale system that weighs free-flowing and semi-free flowing products including pet food/treats/litter, sugar, salt, ground meal, plastic pellets, granulated chemicals, etc., and is especially suitable for large pre-made bag, case and drum filling applications.

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Designed for sizes from 10-110 lbs., the scale can be configured for semi-automatic applications or fully integrated high-speed production lines. Strain gauge load cells with optional full load calibration weights automatically ensure correct weight sensing and control in a variety of production environments and conditions. Pneumatically actuated buckets can be supplied in a variety of sizes. Product feeding systems can be precisely configured to product flow requirements and can include vibratory or gravity feed on the main and/or dribble discharges.
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