Kerk Motion Products: Slide for linear applications

Kerk Motion Products introduces its RGS™ 10000 Slide. Designed for linear-motion applications, it’s especially suitable for applications in the packaging field, including plastic bottle unscramblers, shrink bundlers, stretch banders, tray shrink-packaging systems, wraparound case packers, secondary orienters, and canister desiccant feeders.

Pw 12088 Kerkslide

The RGS 10000 builds off of an intelligent motion-control capability that differentiates between a varying multitude of different-sized and shaped packaging containers and products. Slide features a precision aluminum guide and carriage and is driven by a rolled stainless-steel lead screw. The moving surfaces include Kerkite™ high performance polymers running on Kerkote™ TFE coating.

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