PC-based real-time monitoring software

PACK EXPO : Safeline demonstrated at Pack Expo International 2004 a new software/hardware combination designed to connect and monitor a network of metal detectors within a plant or connect a number of plants or lines within an organization.

A key feature of Explorer software is its ability to communicate with any Safeline metal detector. Explorer is deployed over a standard TCP/IP network using standard UTP CAT-5 cable or wireless access nodes. Deployment consists of the Explorer Server Sortware (ESS) and the Explorer Single Board Controller (SBC). SBC is a self-contained microprocessor that serves a the intermediary between the server and the metal detector. The SBC processes and shapes all data sent from the metal detector, allowing ofr streamlined network communication and optimized bandwidth. It also acts as a backup terminal maintaining critical real-time data collection in the event the main server is offline or unreachable.

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