Pack Expo Video: "Soft convection" shrink tunnel

NEWS FROM PACK EXPO: To ensure a uniform distribution of heat to produce an attractive, consistent shrink package, Lantech (Louisville, KY) introduced a “soft convection” shrink tunnel designed to eliminate dog ears and wrinkles. See video clip of this machine

Pw 15357 Thumb7

Easy-access controls permit real-time adjustments of air velocity, air temperature, and conveyor speed. A special ViewWindow™ allows users to see and monitor the shrink wrapping process as it happens. System gently swirls air around multiple heater elements to blanket the package, eliminating hot and cold spots. Said to be more energy-efficient than forced-air systems. Accommodates most commercial films, including LDPE, polyolefins, PP, and PVC, and meets the production capabilities of automatic L-bar, lap-seal, and side-seal wrappers.

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