Splicer for form/fill/seal

NEWS FROM PACK EXPO: Designed for use on a form/fill/seal machine, Series SP-1 Splicer from Butler Automatic, Inc. (Middleborough, MA) can be used to splice a new roll of film "on the fly" without stopping production.

Pw 15378 Butler

Excess film buffered on a series of dancer rollers keeps the f/f/s machine going until the splice is complete.

Its zero-speed splicing technology is said to provide better than 99% reliability at speeds to 350 fpm. Other features include a small footprint, splicing in register, lap and butt splicing tape on one side, integral web guiding, and roll shafts that swing out for easy loading in front of the machine. Heat-sealed butt splice is also available for certain film applications. Standard features include simple vertical festoon and PLC controls. What makes the machine unique, according to the company, is that it is priced at $25ꯠ, or roughly half that of a comparable machine.

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