High-speed vision inspection for closures

REPORTING FROM PACK EXPO: White Cap demonstrated a new vision inspection system that inspects for proper application of plastic closures onto rigid containers at speeds to 1겨 bpm.

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The machine detects cocked caps, loose caps, broken or missing tamper bands, missing liners, missing caps, deformed bottles and low fill levels. The machine is said to perform with near 100% accuracy.

According to White Cap (Downers Grove, IL), the Model 51R42 is the only vision-inspection system for plastic closures to function and such high accuracy and such high speeds. The system incorporates a Cognex (Alameda, CA) Check Point vision system, programmed by White Cap.

Real-time data, including number and types of rejects, can be captured and downloaded into a PC-based spreadsheet program for subsequent analysis.

Also featured is a configuration set-up feature that enables users to make all fine adjustments simply by clicking on the numerical reference value to be changed.

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