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Snap-packed power display

Eveready launched in July the newest category of super-premium batteries, Energizer e 2 in E-SNAP™. The consumer-focused, reclosable carded clamshell package is designed to stand out in retail stores nationwide.

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Eveready Battery Co., St. Louis, introduced the first reclosable blister package of its kind, called E-SNAP™, for the convenient use and storage of batteries, says the company.

Energizer e 2™ Titanium (alkaline) and Energizer e 2 Photo Lithium battery lines launched nationwide in retail stores such as Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target and Home Depot. According to Eveready, along with its design firm Landor Associates (San Francisco, CA), the new carded clamshell package is said to underscore the battery’s advanced performance.

The plastic clamshell is oriented with the batteries displayed horizontally. The clamshell allows consumers to open and reclose the container to store batteries in the same convenient plastic package they purchased, eliminating the common problem of having loose batteries rattling around in a drawer, briefcase or purse. Eveready did not respond to’s attempt to identify packaging materials, suppliers and economics.

“The whole notion of having a resealable feature is something that you typically find more in food packaging today,” Landor’s Ed Rice tells “Taking that idea across in a household item is a way of adding a subtle benefit for consumers so that they have another reason to feel positive about the brand and about the product.”

Curvy design tech

The color coding of the batteries--red-orange for alkaline and blue for photo lithium--promotes easy identification of products. The SBS paperboard is flexo-printed in at least six colors. The simple arc design separates the color from the silver and is also carried through in the die cut at the top of the package.

“We worked along with Eveready’s packaging suppliers so they could get the right application of ink so that the chroma of the ink and the chroma of the color can really pop at the shelf,” says Rice. (Chroma refers to the quality of color combining hue and saturation.)

A finger tab and perforations in the SBS paperboard enable easy access to the clamshell while a die cut allows peggable display. In the 4-packs, the batteries are oriented, inserted in such a way into the clamshell that the top three face outward to display the brand identification while the bottom one shows off the tester on that battery's backside.

The 4-pack is priced 30% higher than standard 4-pack batteries, making the suggested retail price for Energizer e 2 $4.59, compared to standard Energizer batteries at $3.49.

The Alkaline line includes AA, AAA, C, D, and 9-volt cell sizes. A newly enhanced gauge-style battery tester is available on all cell sizes except 9-volt. The Photo Lithium line is available in AA, 123, 223, CR2 and 2CR5 cell sizes.

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