Cornstarch redesigned

Clabber Girl has introduced a new cornstarch package whose graphics retain the antique-like charm of a previous paperboard package, but integrated with bright, colorful graphics.

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Resealable, recyclable steel canisters eliminate the powdering mess that can occur with traditional paperboard boxes. The striking new label details several usage tips, and recipes for shortbread cookies and kids' play clay. The new pack allows consumers to reseal the product with an airtight lid. The can also has a foil safety seal that can be folded back to form a leveling edge for measuring spoons. "The mouth of our can is wide enough for even the largest measuring spoons," says Tom Payne, marketing manager for Clabber Girl. "Consumer response to this package has been overwhelmingly positive. We're getting rave reviews from home cooks across the country." Clabber Girl Cornstarch is available in supermarkets nationwide.

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