Candy with a twist appeals to kids

Come up with a candy package that will appeal to children. That was the challenge issued to the European Consumer Products Div. of Sonoco Products (Hartsville, SC).

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Issuing the challenge was Erhard Berger, managing director of German confectioner Kalfany Bonbon GmbH. And how did Sonoco meet its challenge? By working with Kalfany to develop a container that lets children play with colorful designs. The secret is in the two central rings. Because they can be rotated, they make it possible to give a cartoon character, for example, a new head. Sonoco isn't revealing much about how the rotation feature was developed. A Sonoco spokesman does say that the paper label, offset printed in six colors, is applied after the can body has been spiral-wound. The 300 x 314 canister itself is made of paper with a foil lining. A metal end is seamed onto the bottom while a foil membrane heat-sealed to the top provides tamper evidence. A friction-fit plastic overcap provides resealability. "I am very pleased with the new twist can," says Berger. "I'm also delighted with the speed with which Sonoco developed the concept with our company as well as the overall success of the product."

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