Design draws a bead on strong sales

The emergence of thousands of "reenacters," those participatory history buffs who restage old battles in full period dress, has created a growing need for the kind of black gun powder used in the days of the musket and powder horn.

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So Remington Arms Co. of Wilmington, DE, has launched a line of Black Powder ammunition and accessories in packaging designed by Lipson Alport Glass & Assoc. (New York, NY). The design, featuring a green-on-green background with camouflage leaves, is intended to make the packaging stand out on the busy shelves of mass merchandisers and other retailers. Also prominent is a modified version of the well-known Remington logo; its inclusion allows the package design to build on the distinct heritage of the brand. The design is used consistently across a broad range of ammo as well as cleaning, maintenance, and other items. Lipson structural designers created skin packs and blister cards sized to maximize the number of facings on a given pegboard while still allowing sufficient space for copy that touts product attributes. "The packaging achieves our objectives to utilize the power of the Remington name, boost visual appeal and make it easier for consumers to shop the line and locate products and accessories," says Merrill Wreden, advertising and promotions manager for Remington.

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