Jar holds what bag could not

When Minnesota-based K-Tel Intl. introduced its KleenSilver plus(TM) tarnish remover system-sold internationally through retail, direct response television and catalog-they tested a polyethylene bag for packaging the system's powdered activator.

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But they quickly realized that due to puncture, air infiltration or product leakage during shipping and handling, PE would never do. Instead they selected a 32-oz wide-mouth jar of white high-density PE. Silgan Plastics (Chesterfield, MO) extrusion blows the containers and ships them to distributor Twin City Bottle (Minneapolis, MN) for screenprinting. Polypropylene tri-seal closures from Arpak Plastics (Plattsburgh, NY) complete the package. Jeffrey M. Koblick, senior vice president of purchasing and operations at K-Tel, says the package is perfectly suited to the product's requirements. The powdered activator is anhydrous," he says. "If it takes on moisture, it becomes lumpy. In that state, it doesn't dissolve as well in the system's hot water solution." The bottle also provides consumers with easy product access, says Kolbick.

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