New windows in cosmetic packaging

What better way to promote visibility for a new product than to make its package see-through?

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That's what New York-based Coty did for its new Chronologix Self-Sealing makeup. The product, which promises to create a new category of lip makeup, contains a small, clear gap in its gold-foil decorated tubes to create a "window" for viewing makeup color. Surrounding black rings screen-printed onto the foil highlight the window. The tubes are made of injection-molded polyvinyl chloride or polypropylene, depending on color, from Risdon (Naugatuck, CN). Risdon also supplies the aluminum screw-on cap, which contains an applicating sponge. A pressure-sensitive label from Standwill Packaging (Farming-dale, NY) on the clear bottom of the tube provides the name of the color and company identification. Secondary packaging consists of a 24-pt SBS hang card from Union Camp (Wayne, NJ), offset-printed in two colors with gold stamping. Coty produces the 12-ga PVC blister. The company began mass-marketing its Chronologix Self-Sealing lip makeup in April of 1994.

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