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Opened in two phases in 2010 and 2011, Shearer’s Foods’ Massillon plant adheres to sustainable principles and leverages dynamic software solutions to optimize efficiency.

Flexible film fed into the baggers at Shearer’s comes from C-P Flexible Packaging. Among the more innovative structures is the one shown here, which incorporates a zipper reclosure feature. C-P secures the reclosure feature from Polymer Packaging and applies it to the rolls of film it sends to Shearer’s. The zipper is registered in roll form and can run on Shearer’s baggers with minimal adjustment.

“We introduced this about two years ago in our 24-oz size, and it has proven to be very popular with consumers,” says Shearer’s director of operations Ken Brower.

Film structures vary considerably, but the material shown here is a three-layer lamination of 120-ga clear OPP/PE/70-ga metallized OPP. C-P reverse prints the clear OPP in eight colors on a wide-web flexo press.

Labeling is done on some lines, one example being the Tangos line of tortilla chips. For these Shearer’s uses pressure-sensitive labelers from EPI Labelers. Date coding of bags is done by Videojet ink-jet systems across the board, and each bagger has a metal detector from Safeline-Mettler Toledo.

One other important contribution is the one made by the Optyx optical sorters from Key Technologies. One is on the continuous chip line and two are on the kettle chip lines. They look for dark spots or chips stuck together. If they find either, they blow those off the line. Such rejects make their way into a local Shearer’s outlet store for sale as seconds.
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