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The packaging process

During assembly, a glycol-modified polyethylene terephthalate tube is fitted over the polystyrene base. The hollow cavity of the package base houses a folded sheet of product information, held in place by a flat, molded PS retainer that friction fits into the cavity. Next, a printed back panel insert is installed in the tube, followed by the brush and its storage clip.

Once the product is in place, a PS cap is applied, followed by four labels. Lofton Label (Inver Grove, MN) prints the pressure-sensitive, 31/2-mil paper labels flexographically in four colors plus a UV varnish. The upper label seals the package top to the tube and provides tamper evidence. The consumer removes this label to access the brush.

Finally, a 9-mil, die-cut PETG hang tab from MBK Corp. (Chatsworth, CA) is applied to the top of the package. A flat area on the cap ensures good adhesion for the p-s tab. All assembly is accomplished manually at Remedent’s packaging plant.

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