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Additional NACD award winners: Drug & Pharmaceutical category


Gold Tricor Packaging (St. Louis, MO) won gold for a plastic bottle in which Isolyser Co. of Norcross, GA, packages its Liquid Treatment System in 2-, 4- and 5-oz sizes. A custom-designed closure includes a membrane that breaks when forced over a port on a fluid-collection container that is used during surgeries. The bottle contains a powder that disinfects and solidifies the bio-hazardous liquids collected during or after surgery. The bottle has a vent hole in the side that is covered by a removable label. When the label is removed, the vent allows the powder to be drawn by vacuum into the fluid collection canister, solidifying the collected fluids. Directions for use are screen-printed on the bottle. A U.S. patent has been awarded for this bottle. Silver Andler Bottle Co. (Everett, MA) listened carefully when Ricola Inc. of Morris Plains, NJ, of inquired about a package for a new line of herbal throat syrups to complement an already successful line of herbal cough drops. Andler then identified a bottle made of PET that met Ricola's requirements. Custom dosage cup, threaded closure and TE breakaway band complete the package. Bronze Imported from Spain by distributor Zuckerman-Honickman (King of Prussia, PA), these plastic jars are used by Amco Intl. of Conshohocken, PA, for Simplicite powder used by dentists. The squat, oversized outer shell of the container provides stability while the dentist removes the contents from the smaller inner container during his dental procedures. Gold stamping conveys an image of top quality.

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