Wago Corporation: 4-channel circuit breakers

Three 4-channel electronic circuit breakers are now part of Wago’s 787 Series Power Supply System.

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The DIN-rail mount 787-860, 787-861 and 787-862 circuit breakers each separately protect up to four current paths (up to 10A at 24VDC max each), while offering independent programming via free 759-860 Configuration software. In the event of a fault or short circuit, the circuit breakers can shut down the tripped channel within 100ms. Rather than halting the entire system, power is maintained to other loads, preventing a system-wide shut down. Afterward, the tripped load may be remotely reset via a control input. Through free 759-860 Visualization software (and available RS-232 cable) or on-unit LCD, the 787 Series Electronic Circuit Breakers provide independent channel monitoring of voltage, current, fault diagnostics and energy consumption.
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