Bodine Electric Company: 12VDC products

Bodine Electric’s 12 volt permanent magnet DC (PMDC) gearmotors, motors and DC motor speed control are designed for continuous duty OEM applications where low-voltage, battery-powered, remote-location, or solar power are required.

Pw 5700 Webbodine
12 Volt PMDC gearmotors and motors are available in 24A- and 33A-frame sizes, can be built with a wide variety of gearheads, provide output speeds from 5.6 to 660 rpm, and can generate up to 310 lb-in (35 Nm) torque. Type WPM--12 VDC speed control is designed for low-voltage applications that require basic, single-direction speed control. This pulse-width-modulation (PWM) speed control provides cool motor operation, long brush life, lower audible noise and a wide speed range. DIP-switches allow the control to be easily calibrated for different size motors.
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