Aerotech, Inc: Scanner/motion module

Aerotech’s Nmark™ SSaM synchronized scanner and motion module for the Automation 3200 motion platform directly synchronizes scanner and servo motion for marking parts of unlimited size and complexity.

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By combining the servo and scanner control into a single platform, Nmark SSaM expands the scanner field of view without sacrificing effective pixel resolution. It is also able to mark long vectors with one continuous pass and draw large-scale graphics without stitching multiple exposures. Marking on a tube or other irregularly shaped object without manually repositioning is also possible. Nmark SSaM also uses the industry standard XY2-100 interface to support scanners from multiple vendors. Additionally, a single programming environment for both scanner and servo axes minimizes application complexity. Optically isolated laser control interface with YAG and CO2 operating modes is provided.

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