icotek Corp.: Cable grommets

icotek’s DT cable grommets can be used anywhere where a large number of electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic cables have to be routed and sealed with IP54 (UL type 12) seal.

Cable grommets
Cable grommets

With the DT 7, a maximum of four cables with a diameter of up to 6 mm can be routed. With the DT 8 two cables, each with a diameter of up to 7 or 4 mm, can be routed. By using the DT grommets, the cable density can be significantly increased.

DT grommets are compatible with the split icotek cable entry frames, such as the KEL-U, KEL and KEL-FG. The routing of cables with and without preassembled connectors inside the same cable entry frame can thus be easily combined. In addition, the DT grommets are also perfect for retrofitting cables. The pre-assembly of individual modules is also possible.

The new cable grommets are also available in ATEX version.

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