ABM: Custom drives for extreme environments

ABM hoist drives are designed to withstand exposure to extreme ambient conditions and are suitable for ambient temperatures down to -40°C.

Custom drive for extreme environments
Custom drive for extreme environments

Hoist drive units lift loads between3.2 and 40 metric tons. Designed for industrial cranes, dual-speed versions are powered by 2.5 to 20 kW asynchronous cylindrical-rotor motors with torque transmitted by 3-stage aluminum parallel shaft gearboxes. Units are suited for lifting speeds of 4 to 8 m/min at drum diameters of 140 to 405 mm and 4/1 reeving. Inverter-controlled GH40000 40 metric ton versions, equipped with 38 kW motor with encoder feedback, allow for lifting speeds of 4.9 m/min (higher lifting speeds up to 7.6 m/min are possible with reduced lifting weights) at 4/1 reeving. Wear-resistant dual surface safety brake is standard.

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