Delta: AC motor drive

Delta unveils its MH300/MS300 Series high performance, standard compact AC motor drive for Micro VFD applications up to 30 horsepower.

AC motor drive
AC motor drive

Serving as a compliment to the VFD-C2000 General Purpose drive, the MS300 and MH300 provide clear performance, size, feature, and cost advantages over similar systems on the market. Delta leveraged its competency and position as the world’s largest power supply manufacturer, and developed competitive power electronics technology to achieve the smallest physical size in the market for Micro VFDs. This next generation drive includes key features for Machine Tool and cutting applications such as high speed 2000 Hz operation for driving spindles, Permanent Magnet motors, or AC induction motors.

Both MH/MS series come with a built-in PLC, Safe-Torque-Off as standard, energy savings modes, and network expansion including: EtherNet/IP, Profibus, DeviceNet, and Modbus TCP. The MH300 allows for additional I/O and encoder feedback modules, and the option for connecting to EtherCAT. All the parameters match the VFD-C2000 General Purpose series AC Drives making the entire line of AC Drive products easily scalable from fractional HP to over 800 HP.

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