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Phoenix Contact now offers Series 7000 advanced managed switches.

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Series 7000 advanced managed switches
Series 7000 advanced managed switches

The switches support the Device Level Ring (DLR) redundancy mechanism. With recovery times of less than three milliseconds, a switch-over can be performed quickly in the event that a failure occurs. This function increases the availability of the network. Up to six non-DLR-capable devices can be integrated into the ring with the 7000 switch.

The Series 7000 switches are particularly suitable for use in EtherNet/IP networks because they support the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP). Because of this feature, the switches can be directly integrated into the EtherNet/IP control system for seamless configuration and diagnostics.

Proven functions, such as IGMP snooping, multicast source detection, and auto-query port for intelligent multicast filtering, are also available on the switches to enhance network stability and usage in an EtherNet/IP system.

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