Festo: Electrical axes solutions

The Optimized Motion Series (OMS) of packaged linear and rotary electrical axes solutions, introduced by Festo, helps lower OEM overhead by speeding up specification, assembly, and commissioning of axes.

Electrical axes solutions
Electrical axes solutions

Fast delivery reduces inventory requirements and makes it faster and easier to support electrical axes in the field. The OMS solutions combine a set of rugged and dependable linear and rotary electromechanical actuators, motors, drives, cables, and mounting hardware with fast and simple specification, assembly, and configuration. The product range is designed to increase OEM productivity when utilizing linear and rotary electrical axes for a broad set of applications.

OMS axes are targeted towards lightweight assembly, laboratory automation, packaging, and other applications where the loads and speeds are moderate. Typically, the mass to be moved is under 25 lbs. (12 kilograms), linear speeds are less than 12 in./sec. (300 mm/sec), and rotary speeds are less than 100 rotations/min. Higher loads and speeds are possible.

Complete OMS axes, including actuator with mounted motor, drive cables, and assembly hardware, are ordered using a single order code and delivered in a single box. To further simplify the process, OEMs use the same OMS code for repeat orders. Fast, assured delivery in a few days to three weeks lowers inventory requirements for new installations and for customer support.

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