Festo: Heavy-duty toothed belt and ball screw electric actuators

Featuring recirculating ball bearing guides that help absorb lateral forces and torques, Festo’s EGC-HD (heavy duty) toothed belt and ball screw electric actuator also delivers the same high speed, response, and dynamic rigidity of the EGC model, and adds load-bearing capacity to its specifications–twice the load bearing of the EGC actuator.

Pw 53615 Egc Hd 1

With a toothed belt or ball screw drive and two parallel guides, the EGC-HD is suitable for cantilevered systems. The toothed belt model EGC-HD-TB offers flexible motor connections on all four sides, allowing changes to be made to motor configuration at any time. An OEM can define a standard motor attachment with a single part number and modify that to an alternate position as needed to suit machine and customer needs.

The EGC-HD offers a more cost-effective solution than two parallel axes.

Like all EGC electric actuators, the EGC-HD offers a multi axis and modular positioning system and standardized interfaces for all drives and motor packages. Festo’s free PositioningDrives software simplifies the selection process and eliminates costly oversizing. Specially developed profiles with optimized cross section give the EGC-HD maximum rigidity and load capacity. 

Inductive proximity sensors can be included with these actuators. Flush mounting of up to two sensors effectively eliminates protruding edges outside of the drive’s cross section. An LED status display is visible regardless of approach direction.

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