Wago Corporation: Analog modules

Two new 4-channel analog modules round out Wago’s offering from the Wago-I/O-System.

Pw 10765 C Wago

Designated the 750-553 and 750-555, these modules transmit analog signals with standard values of 0-20mA and 4-20mA, respectively. Both modules are housed in a compact, 12mm W, DIN rail mount housing and are 100% compatible with all other 750/753 Series bus-couplers, controllers, and I/O modules. Features include 12-bit resolution, accuracy to +/1 0.1% of the full-scale value, LED status indication of normal/invalid measurements or operation, one common ground potential for all outputs, short circuit protection, electrically isolated outputs to 500V, and Cage Clamp wiring technology.

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