Large-character, medium resolution printer

Videojet released its Marsh® 320 large-character ink-jet printer. This modular large-character ink-jet printing system uses micro-valve technology to deliver quality print up to 1” in height.

Pw 14062 Videojet

This technology also enables the system to print 2 lines of 7-dot-high characters. The printheads can operate with a greater throw distance allowing them to print on uneven surfaces such as plastic and paper sacks, and curbed surfaces such as plastic and metal drums. Each printer controller is designed to run up to a total of 4 printheads and has the ability to run 2 independent production lines at the same time. Other features include precision drop placement to deliver print in up to 40 dpi; graphical user interface and touch screen; reliability and low ink consumption; and print speeds of up to 200’/min.

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