HBA filler's range speaks volumes (sidebar)

A showcase filler detailed

Stanford Personal Care’s filler from Pacific Packaging Machinery can be viewed as a showcase machine. That’s because the filler was on display at the WestPack show last year in Anaheim, CA, before it was shipped on to Stanford. As at all packaging trade shows, exhibitors typically display their showier, beefier machines.

One of the machine’s key improvements is an upgraded drive system. Stanford’s filler features two MagneTek vector drives that are now available through Yaskawa Electric America (Waukegan, IL). It’s said to be a step above either a variable frequency drive or an AC motor.

Running the machine’s operations is an Allen-Bradley MicroLogix™ 1500 programmable logic controller from Rockwell Automation (Milwaukee, WI). The human-machine interface is a touchscreen panel from CTC Parker Automation (Milford, OH). For the operator’s convenience, the pedestal-mounted HMI can be rotated nearly 180° horizontally as well as repositioned vertically. “It allows an operator to have easy viewing and panel access even while unloading bottles onto the line,” notes Stanford vice president of manufacturing Jim McAlpine.

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