Top/Bottom labeling with SATO America M8490Se print engine and Label-Aire 3138-N printer applicator

This top/bottom print and apply system from Label-Aire uses a SATO M8490Se print engine integrated to a Label-Aire 3138-NV, tamp-blow printer applicator for the top labeling system and a SATO M8490Se mated to a Label-Aire 3138-NV, merge-apply printer applicator for the bottom labeling system.

The SATO M8490Se, 305dpi print engine, is producing product information labels for the top of a clamshell package and nutrition information labels with barcode for the bottom of the same package.  The upper system gently blows a label onto the top of the package while the lower system synchronously wipes the label onto the bottom of the package.

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